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CATEGORY: Virtual Tech Camp

Realidad Aumentada con Merge Cube

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

MERGE CUBE is a 3D Augmented Reality Device

Those codes serve as a trigger. When you scan the cube with your mobile device — it will work with an iPhone, an iPad, and it works with Android, but you have to have the Merge Cube app on it.

When you scan the cube, and you’re holding the cube in your hand, when you look at it through the iPhone, instead of seeing the cube, you’re going to see something else in your hand. It might be a human heart. It might be a fire. It might be a castle.

But it is very, very cool to see something else being held in your hand. It’s a little bit different than a lot of other augmented reality. A lot of times, with augmented reality, you have a trigger that you print out and you scan it flat.

But because this is a three-dimensional object, you can turn it and interact with it. So it’s pretty interesting.


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