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Techno Inventors, is a Puerto Rican non-profit institution that offers online workshops and camps for everyone.

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Offer our participants the motivation, space, resources, and knowledge to develop in careers and jobs.

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    In the introductory workshop children, youth and adults will have the opportunity to participate in the introductory workshops. The minors will live a practical experience where they will build a robot or design a simple video game to learn about their first experience with robotics and video game design. Adults will participate in an orientation related to year-round offerings. At the end of the activity all visitors will have a clear perspective of the opportunities offered. The duration of the activity will be one hour and it is offered in all service centers at various times.


    We have a variety of opportunities which are offered in universities, municipalities, private and public institutions in Puerto Rico and Orlando, FL. We design a package that meets your needs. Let us know your availability to coordinate a meeting and present solutions and alternatives.


    Upon completing the workshops, participants receive a certificate in recognition of the effort invested, which will help in future school, university and work opportunities. Earn official recognition for the work done and share your success with your family, friends and professional institutions.


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Inventor Cesar Cabrera was born in Puerto Rico. He served as a professor of Automation Engineering, Programming, Network Administration and Robotics, and has been developing workshops and technology training for adults, university students and K-12 students. For the past 15 years, during the summer, he has visited NASA and universities in the USA, with groups of students, sharing knowledge with them and giving them the opportunity to learn about great projects that are being carried out. In 2005 he was selected by "NASA Academy" to occupy the position of "Team leader" in one of his projects. He was interacting with "Johns Hopkins University (JHUAPL)" to help develop an obstacle avoidance system for autonomous (unmanned) robotic vehicles that visit the planet MARS. He worked at NASA Goddard and JHUAPL labs in Maryland. They were also visiting laboratories at MIT Artificial Intelligence and Carnegie Mellon University.
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